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I have been feeling empty lately. I have been struggling through the daily routine, and even the colours around me seem washed out and faded… Aimlessly, I walk to the door of Eve’s grove and open them. The smell of rosebuds and ripe strawberries encircles me. I pick red fruits and eagerly put them in my mouth. Soon, I hear her sonorous laughter among the shrub branches. How could I have forgotten her, Eve, full of marvellous gifts of nature? Suddenly, she approaches me, beautiful like the world itself and whispers: “Eat, it will make you stronger.” Then she pushes a cup of fruits and creamy honey in my hand: “Take this to your loved one and the new life being born…”, and just like that she was gone. Only her smell and the gratitude in my heart remain…

Aronia (chokeberry) is one of the strongest sources of antioxidant in nature. The ingredients it contains are called natural antibiotics. Aronia gives us strength (iron, calcium, potassium, boron, iodine, vitamins C, A, E, P, folic acid, etc.), regulates the hormone system (thyroid function), promotes healing of wounds, regulates blood pressure, has a significant impact on blood vessel elasticity, protects the immune system from flus and colds, removes toxic substances and heavy metals from the body (assists in removing candida, regulating metabolism, removing fat from the liver, regulating the function of the pancreas and sugar level), helps in urinary infections, and has an anti-carcinogenic effect. Eating aronia berries is recommended during pregnancy, to people with anaemia, patients after surgeries and people diagnosed with serious diseases, after antibiotic treatment, etc. Each and every one of us can benefit from this wonderful gift of nature!
To further intensify its healing effects, chokeberry is combined with sweet, juicy strawberries, which are also a source of vitamins A and C, iron and folic acid, and support aronia in strengthening the body. And, of course, they taste divine and create a delightful aroma…

  • 280g / 278ml
  • 190g / 191ml
  • 100g / 106ml
  • 45g / 47ml
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