…feel reborn again…

honey with pollen

Imagine the streams awoken by the spring Sun in the mountains and the sight and sound of bursting buds and buzzing bees in the valley. In between I stood, breathing the fresh air that once again announced nature’s rebirth. Reborn, I took delight in the taste of honey sprinkled with aromatic pollen that was gathered in Eve’s flowery fields.

Adding the secret power of pollen to honey’s natural effect, one gets pollen honey with centuries-old tradition in Slovenia. It is recommended as an addition to food, particularly for anaemic patients, sickly persons and for workers performing intellectually or physically demanding jobs. A spoonful of pollen honey boosts the immune system, enhances the appetite and digestion.

  • 320g / 278ml
  • 210g / 191ml
  • 110g / 106ml
  • 55g / 47ml
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