The “Eve’s Travel Companion” set

The Sun was already high up in the sky, when we made a stop by a creek and tied up our horses to a mighty orange tree. She took a loaf of bread, a stick of butter and some honey from the travel sack, picked a few delicious fruits from the tree and the snack was ready. When she pulled out a bottle of sweet honey wine and some cookies wrapped in white linen, given to us by an old lady upon our previous stop by the old mill, I was overwhelmed. The scent of the sea drifted from afar, blending with the enticing smell of oranges on the tree, beneath which we lied down, and her chocolate goat. With ringing laughter, she pulled me on my feet saying “Come! There’s a long way ahead of us before we reach Eve’s Grove.”

  • Set Medena – Organic Mead 0.375 l
  • Gloria – creamed honey with candied orange and dark chocolate 190g
  • Bombys – fine honey pastry (hand-made) 300g
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