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Organic Mead

I was sitting in a pleasant company, the ballroom was pulsating to the beat of the music, laughter and clinking glasses. She danced towards me with her sparkling eyes and sipped the golden drink out of a crystal glass. Smiling naughtily she offered me the glass and I took a sip from where her red lips had been drinking. I tasted the refreshing golden nectar and a moment later we were dancing together.

»You smell beautifully,« I whispered in her ear and embraced her, as I started spinning around just like the chandeliers in the ballroom, her golden wings and her body that spoke the language of love.

Mead, this golden heavenly nectar, is regarded as the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world. Our ancestors, the »stealers« of wild honey must have discovered it by sheer coincidence. The drink comes to life through the fermentation of water and honey, in the same process like wine. Its intoxicating fragrance and rich taste enchant with fullness and delight with refreshment. Offer it cooled, alongside a dessert or by itself to pamper the person you love.

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