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…Ecologically produced sparkling mead, traditional method…

S With respect from Evin gaj

The festivity of the moment strikes me. Through the hall I seek her glance. She lifts her head above the glass and looks at me with a smile in her eyes. »We are together«, I think, »she’s mine.« I excuse myself from the company of friends and see her doing the same. We meet each other under the arches with the clinking of the glasses filled with sparkling gold and the touching of the lips. I enlace her fingers in mine just the way the bubbles knit chainlets in our glasses.

Special moments require special drinks – mead, the beverage of gods and our ancestors turned into a sparkling miracle using a traditional method. While manually added yeast provides the sparkles that tingle the nostrils, the nine months of maturing supervised by the loving affection of the cellar men delivers the preciousness of taste that – as much as the event of the toast – stays in our minds.

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