Royal Gaja Honey

…strong, yet generous ruler of his kingdom…

honey with royal jelly, pollen and propolis (for new strengths)

I open my eyes and there she stands; a girl with flowers in her hair telling me a story about the dark woods and vast flowery plains. The story of Mother Earth that feeds us unselfishly and offers us a kingdom of health and energy full of miraculous ingredients. Her greatest son is the noble king-like honey that combines all of nature’s greatest gifts.

The highlight of everything offered by Eve is the Crown Gajamed – a harmony of all healing effects offered by the bees joined together in an elaborate mixture of honey, propolis, pollen, and royal jelly. The latter is of particular value due to its miraculous healing power, high content of proteins, vitamins, minerals and numerous biological catalysts. Together with the rest of the ingredients it offers a rounded product offering people health and energy.

  • 320g / 278ml
  • 210g / 191ml
  • 110g / 106ml
  • 55g / 47ml
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