…for rosy cheeks…

creamed honey with beetroot juice

You gave me your loving heart only to spread your wings and disappear among the trees the moment after. I ran after you moving the branches and thorn bushes with bare hands. Then you came back, soothed my wounds and fed me. You made my blood rush through my veins again, put the sparkle on my cheeks and light into my heart.

Our grandmas knew the power of beetroot, which is vital in detoxification of body, liver and kidney. It was especially recommended to pregnant women and young mothers. Beetroot juice cleans the blood, regulates body temperature, helps with allergies and intestine diseases, and puts back the sparkle on our cheeks. This time, beetroot’s strength is combined with honey, extraordinary foodstuff of our ancestors that has been healing, strengthening and invigorating for thousands of years.

  • 280g / 278ml
  • 190g / 191ml
  • 100g / 106ml
  • 45g / 47ml
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