Acacia Honey

…for lively ladies…

I enjoy waking up amidst the grassy fields with her lying by my side. My lady, soft as a spring breeze yet full of mysterious strength. I am contemplating her perfect face and her porcelain-like skin. I take in her fragrance, the smell of acacia, fresh fruit and vanilla. My nostrils and my body feel overwhelmed by the scent of a new day.

Chestnut Honey

…for noble knights…

Her voice pours over her lips like dark resin, her eyes glitter like amber. I walk among the decaying leaves and prickly shells as I am following her. The air that surrounds her is rich. When she speaks, I feel the traces of bitterness brought about by her wisdom that makes her sweetness ever so perfect.

Flower Honey

…for summer joy…

Sunny-faced and light-footed they sway in the field. If you are lucky enough, you can hear the pleasant sound of their laughter that lifts every spirit. I watch their fresh and bare feet dancing joyously in harmony. Their flawless bodies form a perfect circle. Oh, how much I love the sight of my flowers!

  • 700g / 580ml
  • 340g / 278ml
  • 220g / 191ml
  • 120g / 106ml
  • 55g / 47ml
…Lick Your Fingers Healthily…

Honey is one of nature’s most splendid gifts to mankind. Throughout the history it has been valued as food and as a healing product. Honey can be used to treat a variety of ailments, since it functions as a natural antibiotic. It includes vitamins, essential minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and protects us from free radicals. Doctors recommend the use of honey particularly to anaemic and asthmatic patients, weak, sickly and old persons, pregnant women, and manual workers. Honey helps to overcome malnutrition, insomnia, muscle cramps, duodenal and stomach ulcers; it soothes hoarseness, sore throat, lungs and irritated airway; it aids in digestion of food, helps livers to assimilate carbohydrates and deal with toxins, and can also be applied as a purge. Honey can be enjoyed independently or spooned into teas, and is highly beneficial for children since they need a lot of energy for a healthy growth. It can also be used in dressings for external wounds and burns or in beauty products. Prepare yourself a facial mask made of honey and yeast or a bath with a large spoon of honey, then close your eyes and swim into the kingdom of Eve.

Eve’s Garden offers you various types of honey – mild Acacia Honey with a taste of fruits and vanilla; Chestnut Honey with a strong and distinctive scent of chestnut blossoms, an intense taste and a slight herbal aroma; Silver fir Honey with a dark and resinous taste used for healing anaemia, fatigue and malnutrition; Flower Honey with a full and strong taste used for healing various allergies.

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