…the taste of freedom…

creamed honey with cinnamon and coriander

Fatigue is starting to set in as I ride through the steppe, feeling the chilliness of the wind and sensing a pungent fragrance. I am but a moment away from bursting into her cinnamon smelling world. Amidst a dim light I grasp her soft and sweet secrets. Pungent and aromatic fragrances dipped in creamed honey create a harmony of taste brought about by a heavenly mixture of contrasting flavors.

The sharpness of coriander found its perfect pair in a gentle, intoxicating cinnamon. By adding the two spices to creamed honey a harmony of taste comes to life.

  • 280g / 278ml
  • 190g / 191ml
  • 100g / 106ml
  • 45g / 47ml
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