Set Eve’s Potion

…boost your imagination…

herbal honey liquor

She is Eve, mysterious and powerful, wearing a white dress made of butterflies, with her hair swirling like cornfields and lips as sweet as honey. She is telling me a story about nature, this mighty force that breathes in harmony. I close my eyes and take a sip of her potion. Suddenly I hear a gentle buzzing of the bees and feel overwhelmed by the taste of flowers and the trees reminding me of my mother’s kitchen, childhood and happiness.

Everyone who has ever tasted Eve’s secret potion was put under a spell. Made after a special recipe known only to her this special drink combines chestnut honey, home-made fruit liquor, and a precise selection of herbs. Consumed in proper amount it will heal your body, stimulate your mind, and carry you through the vast fields of Eve’s Garden with its rich taste.

  • Eve’s Potion 200ml
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