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creamed honey with cocoa

In front of a flickering fire her eyes glitter as she is preparing a heavenly mixture of tastes by slowly pouring honey over dark bitter chocolate. She offers me the food of gods, a soft and creamy mixture of wholesome sweetness and depth. The exquisite taste of biologically grown cocoa invigorates me and carries me into a land of ancient kings and nature’s unimaginable wealth.

Biologically grown cocoa, which was regarded as the food of the gods by the Aztecs, mixed with finest honey yields a spread that is rich in taste and full of medicinal properties. While cocoa reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, honey adds to the invigorating effect of this splendid product.

  • 310g / 278ml
  • 200g / 191ml
  • 100g / 106ml
  • 45g / 47ml
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