…with a strong character and soft heart…

fine honey pastry (hand-made)

Where the river makes an idle turn, a small cabin shows amidst lush greenery. After a long journey, it seems like a mirage in a desert. When we come closer, we see large wheels circulating water in their everlasting game of revolution and hear millstones slowly, but relentlessly – like life – crushing rye grains beneath them and giving off a bitter scent.

The mill lady opened the doors – and her heart – and we received all the hospitality one needs in exchange for a cup of honey from Eve’s Grove – scrumptious bread, water and a safe haven. Upon departure, she also slipped us some biscuits wrapped in linen. “Made of Eve’s honey,” she whispered. They were simple and delightful, like the heart of the old mill lady who had made our journey to Eve’s Grove so much nicer.

Honey pastrys are made of dough kneaded from top quality ingredients – organically grown and freshly ground rye flour, the best of Eve’s honey, baking soda and, naturally, spices that emanate the smell of home. Biscuits are shaped by hand into small patties and baked until the smell catches the entire village. As the biscuits are made of no eggs and fat, their shelf life is very long and they can also be eaten by persons suffering from allergy.

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